VIDEO: Poisonous snake created panic in Irfan Pathan’s house, you will be shocked to see the length and thickness

The snake that came out of Irfan Pathan’s house was so thick, long and strong in appearance that there was a panic as soon as it was noticed. It might have even seemed poisonous.

A long snake turned out to be at Irfan Pathan’s house

Image Credit source: VideoGrab

New Delhi: You must have seen a lot of Pathan brothers welcoming the opposing teams in hosting India. But this time a guest came to his house. He was so thick, tall and strong in appearance that as soon as he looked at him, there was a panic. We are talking Irfan Pathan And Yusuf Pathan The giant snake that came out of the house, which may also appear to be poisonous. Now when the snake was big, the game of controlling it also went on for a long time. Had to make a lot of effort, then after going out to Irfan’s house, he came under the grip of snake catcher.

Who doesn’t feel afraid of snakes? There are very few people who are not afraid of snakes. In such a situation, when that snake came out to the house of India’s legendary cricketer, there was panic there too. And, when it was controlled, then all grown up or children had the urge to see him closely.