Video- Sachin Tendulkar’s final in one ball, this bowler badly scattered the stump

In the final of the Road Safety World Series against Sri Lanka Legends, Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed in the first over, while Suresh Raina also did not play.

Sachin Tendulkar could not do any wonders in the final.

Image Credit source: PTI

Indian Cricket Team Whether it will reach the final of the upcoming T20 World Cup or not, it will be known in the next few weeks. At present, an Indian team has definitely reached the final and the title is expected from it. However, the start of the Indian team in this final could not even be imagined. Talking about the Road Safety World Series, in which the final India Legends captain of Sachin Tendulkar Couldn’t even open my account.

In the final of the Road Safety World Series being held in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the match between Legends of India and Sri Lanka began on the evening of Saturday 1 October. India Legends team captained by Sachin Tendulkar won the toss and decided to bat first. Tendulkar and the fans of the Indian team expected that a better innings would be seen with the bat of the Master Blaster but it did not happen.

Golden duck in Sachin’s name

Sachin Tendulkar and Naman Ojha also went to the opening in this final. Right-arm fast bowler Nuwan Kulasekara took over the reins of bowling for Sri Lanka. His first five balls were faced by Naman Ojha and on the sixth ball, Sachin came on strike. The fans expectations of Sachin and India Legends got a big blow within the next few seconds.

A ball from Kulasekara came on good length, on which Sachin tried to hit a straight drive, but the ball came lightly inside at the last moment and flew the bat to the off-stump.

Even Raina could not do wonders

Everyone, including Sachin, was surprised to see the off-stump wobble behind the wicket. Even after so many years of Sachin’s retirement, there was a mournful atmosphere in the stadium as soon as he was out. Fans drowned in despair. The fans got another big blow in no time, when Suresh Raina too could not do anything special and became the victim of Kulasekara after scoring 4 runs in 2 balls.

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However, like last season, Sachin could not play big innings this time. Only against England Legends, he played a blistering innings of 40 runs in 20 balls. Despite this, Sachin’s record in this tournament is excellent. The Indian legend has scored 318 runs in 13 innings in the history of this tournament, with a strike rate of 140.