Video: Shoes were never to be worn, now 34 runs in one over, hit 5 sixes-one four

In the third T20 match against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe batsman Ryan Burle hit 5 sixes and fours in an over. Nasum Ahmed became the victim of Burl.

Ryan Burle hit 5 sixes, one four in an over

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Zimbabwe batsman Ryan Burle Once again in the headlines. This player, who once came into the limelight due to his torn shoes, has now been engulfed due to his fast batting. This Zimbabwean left-handed batsman made a catastrophic batting against Bangladesh on Tuesday. Ryan Burle scored 34 runs in the same over of Bangladeshi spinner Nasum Ahmed. Ryan Burle hit four consecutive sixes in this over. On the fifth ball, he hit a four and on the last ball he again hit a six.

How Ryan Burle created a ruckus on the field

Ryan Burle accomplished this feat in the 15th over. This Zimbabwe player hit a long six at long on off the very first ball of Nasum Ahmed. After this, Burle hit Nasum’s short ball over square leg for 6 runs. The third ball again fell short and this time Pearl hit a long six over midwicket. On the fourth ball too, Burle hit a six over midwicket. On the fifth ball, Burle made a shot over the bowler’s head and the ball fell two inches before the boundary line and crossed. On the last ball, Burle hit a six over the covers. In this way, Burle gave 34 runs in a single over.

burle batting

Burle was playing just 9 runs in 14 balls before Nasum Ahmed hit five sixes and a four in the over. At the end of the over, his score was 43 runs in 20 balls. Burle played a brilliant innings of 54 runs in 28 balls. He hit a total of 6 sixes in the innings. Zimbabwe’s score reached 156 only on the basis of his quick hitting.

Burle used to play with torn shoes

Let us tell you that Lion Burl came to the discussion in the year 2021. Burl had shared a photo on Twitter saying that he has no sponsor and he plays by sticking torn shoes. Burle pleaded on social media that a company sponsor his team Zimbabwe. After this a big shoe company Zimbabwe And the whole team got good shoes, kits because of Burl.