VIDEO: The biggest innings in 36 balls, 84 runs were hit in 17 balls, the record made 8 days ago was shattered. RCB Sophie Devine hit 99 runs in 36 balls, highest score in WPL, break Alyse Healy record in just 8 days, VIDEO

Sophie Devine has achieved the same record in WPL, which is tied to Chris Gayle in IPL. The amazing thing is that both the batsmen have shown such a game wearing the RCB jersey.

Sophie Devine played the biggest innings of WPL

Image Credit source: Twitter/WPL

New Delhi: The real test of a player is only in difficult situations. And, sophie devine Passed in this test with 100 percent marks. He opened the mouth of his bat for RCB at a time when he needed it the most. To reach the next round of WPL, it was necessary to defeat Gujarat Giants and RCB did it brilliantly with the help of Sophie Devine.

Due to the strength of Sophie Devine, RCB won and some records were also broken. One of these records was also the one which was recorded in the book of WPL 8 days back. This was the record of the biggest innings played in this league. Sophie Devine faced just 36 balls to play the biggest innings in WPL history.

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Highlights of the 36-ball storm

Sophie Devine’s 36-ball inning was so shocking, you can guess from these two things that she scored 84 runs in just 17 balls. At the same time, he completed his fifty in the first 4 overs of RCB’s innings.

Completed the work even after missing a century by 1 run

Sophie Devine scored 99 runs in 36 balls. That is, she missed her century by just 1 run. However, even after not scoring a century, this inning of his has made his own identity in WPL. During this inning, he completed his half-century in just 20 balls. While hitting a total of 8 sixes and 9 fours. In this way, on the strength of the boundary, he hit 84 runs in 17 balls.

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