Video: US President was attacked by insects, Biden was upset and said – be careful with this

Joe Biden Swats Away Cicada: The first official visit of US President Joe Biden is being discussed all over the world. This visit is important because Biden will insist on strengthening relations with Britain and other countries of Europe to deal with the increasing challenges of Russia and China. Along with this, he will also meet Russian President Vladimir Putin amid increasing cyber attacks in America (Joe Biden First Official Visit). Recently two big companies in America were targeted by hackers. Such information came to light that these attacks were done by hackers present in Russia.

Meanwhile, Biden has to face another big problem, this problem is related to insects. An insect even bitten his neck. The incident took place when Biden was to board an Air Force One plane in Maryland to fly to Britain (Biden Swats Away Cicada). When Biden was talking to an Air Force officer before boarding the plane, a worm sat on his neck. He was seen removing the worm while turning his hand on his neck. A video of this incident has also surfaced. In which it can be seen how a worm troubled the US President.

Flight suspended due to insects

Actually Washington D.C. The region is one of several parts of the country that are affected by the brood x cicada swarm. These are kind of insects. A chartered plane carrying journalists accompanying Biden on his first overseas trip also suffered a seven-hour delay due to the cicada (Cicada in US). Then even Biden could not escape it. When the worm sat on his neck, he told reporters, ‘Beware of the cicada. One had just come and sat on top of me. It is not yet clear how the cicada disrupted the mechanics of the press’s aircraft.

Swarm of insects seen on military base

Cicada terror has increased significantly in recent weeks. The flight has also been suspended late Tuesday night due to other issues. Press planes are arranged with the help of the White House and journalists are taken at their expense. Large swarms of insects have also been seen at military bases (Cicada Problem in Many States of US). These insects have engulfed at least 15 states of America. These insects came out inside the US in the year 2004. Since then people are worried about him.

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