Video: Whoever Jeremy defeated, he won everyone’s heart, gave a special gift to the Indian star on his success

19-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga, who entered the Commonwealth Games for the first time, won the gold by defeating the medalists of the last two games. Despite the defeat, this Samoa weightlifter won everyone’s heart.

Wearing the traditional necklace of his country at the medal ceremony, a Samoa weightlifter gifted it to Jeremy.

Image Credit source: PTI

Whatever be the competition, there is only one winner. There is only one, who wins or wins the title. To whom the trophy goes or the gold medal goes. But there are some who win hearts – sometimes with their combative performance, and sometimes with some action after their match. This happens quite often in the world of sports. Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 I am also seeing such scenes and the latest name in this list of heart-winners is that of Waipawa Nevo Ayone of Samoa.

Another weightlifting event took place at the Birmingham Games on Sunday 31 July, in which India won another medal. This time 19-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga won the gold medal while performing in his first CWG record. Jeremy also got injured while trying to win the gold, but did not give up easily. During this, Jeremy got into the biggest collision with Samoa’s lifter Waipawa.

Waipawa who wins hearts by defeating

Waipawa finally tried to win the match by lifting 8 kg more than Jeremy but failed. In this way the Indian weightlifter won the gold, while 34-year-old Waipawa from Samoa got the silver. After this, what happened in the medal ceremony won everyone’s heart and everyone’s face was happy. After the distribution of medals, India’s national anthem was played and finally everyone started taking photos.

As soon as the formalities of the photo were completed, the Samoa weightlifter took off a traditional red necklace of his country from his neck and wore it to the young Indian star. Jeremy also could not hide his happiness and he hugged Waipawa.

Its video is now being liked a lot and is being shared a lot. Everyone is praising Samoa’s weightlifter, who managed to win a medal in the Commonwealth Games for the third time in a row, but once again missed out on the gold. Despite this, he won crores of hearts.

Jeremy won gold by making a record

If we talk about the competition, then this rising star of Mizoram, taking part in these games for the first time, made a new CWG record by lifting 140 kg in snatch. Then he lifted his best weight of 160 kg in clean and jerk. He failed in his last attempt of 165 kg and suffered a hand injury. Despite this, he won the historic gold with 300 kg.