Vikrant Massey: OTT superstar Vikrant Massey’s statement, said- ‘When I started my career, there was a lot of indecency on OTT’

Vikrant Massey’s film Forensic

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Actor Vikrant Massey is in discussion about his recently released film ‘Forensic’. During a media interview, the actor has made some revelations related to his life.

actor Vikrant Massey (Vikarnt Massey) has established an identity of himself in the industry on the basis of his acting in a very short time. The actor is in discussion about his film ‘Forensic’ recently released on OTT. In the world of web series, Vikrant has proved his ability as a natural artist. Along with web series, the actor has also carved a niche for himself in Bollywood, due to which he is ruling millions of hearts. Recently, Vikrant has made many revelations about his career during a media interview, due to which his fans may also be oblivious. So let’s know how was this journey of Vikrant Massey’s films and how did the actor make his debut?

Recently, after the release of the film, Vikrant Massey was spotted in a media interview. During this, the actor talked a lot about the OTT platform. Apart from this, Vikrant also shared many things about the beginning of his career. He said that when he started his career as an actor, there were very few platforms on which he could work.

In his interview, the actor further said that at the beginning of his film career, there was more obscenity and indecency on OTT. Mostly indecent and obscene content was used. More sex content was shown on OTT than now. But now things have improved a lot since then.

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