Viral: BTS band did a great dance on the song Zingaat, watching the video will make your day

BTS band dances to the song ‘Zingaat’

Image Credit source: Instagram

The fan following of BTS band is not only in South Korea but also in India. In recent times too, the video of his group has been overshadowed. In which he is seen dancing on the song Zingaat. The dance of his group in the video is being liked a lot by the people.

social media Nothing can be said about when, what and how it should be covered in the world. Here the things that seem common to the common people, many times the users like it, it is very difficult to say something about it. In recent times too, such a thing has happened among some people. After seeing that, your day will also become. As we all know South Korea boy band BTS (BTS) is the most famous in the world. This band is known as BTM Fan Army (BTS Army) is known as. The band has made the whole world crazy with its moves and tracks. Although South Korean boy band BTS may not have won a Grammy this year, it didn’t take an inch off their popularity.

The fan following of this band is not only in South Korea but also in India. This is the reason that whenever his video comes, it is covered. These days also something similar is in discussion among people. Where BTS members are seen dancing to the popular song Zingaat from the film Dhadak. Although this original video is of a glimpse of Permission To Dance sold out on stage concert in Seoul and it is really surprising how well the beats of this song match with her choreography.

watch video here

This song of Dhadak, which was released in the year 2018, is still on people’s tongue. The BTS band’s choreography on this song also fits perfectly. This video has been shared by an Instagram account named saranghae_bts______. The process of comments is increasing rapidly with views on the video. In the mashup video, all the members of the South Korean band are seen dancing and dancing. This song is picturized on Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor.

The desi tempering on the video is being praised everywhere. Social media users are giving their own reaction on this video. Commenting on the video, a user wrote – Please keep making and sharing similar videos in future also. At the same time, another user wrote – These boys are amazing. Whereas apart from this, other users have praised the dance video with funny reaction.

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