Virat Kohli sold his ‘toys’ worth lakhs of crores, left the habit of hoarding without thinking. Virat Kohli reveals selling most of his cars, now owns only which he uses

Before the start of IPL 2023 season, Virat Kohli revealed that he has sold many of his vehicles because these vehicles were just lying with him and he did not use them at all.

Virat Kohli has many expensive vehicles.

Image Credit source: Twitter/RCB

Whenever there is talk about Virat Kohli, the first mention comes of centuries, which he has scored in international cricket. There is talk of his runs, which have come out in thousands from his bat. There is talk of records, which are many in his name. But when Kohli is talked about outside the field, his social media following, his style and often his ‘toys’ are also discussed. Kohli is considered to be fond of these ‘toys’ but now it seems that his hobby is decreasing, so now he has kept a distance.

Before you understand that Virat plays with toys like small children, then it is not so. The toys that Virat Kohli talks about are his expensive cars. Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and RCB, endorses famous luxury car brands like Audi and has owned some of the best Audi cars. Apart from these, Kohli also has some other supercars including Land Rover, Bentley.

Kohli sold his expensive vehicles

Despite this, the legendary Indian batsman has sold many of his cars. We are not saying this ourselves, but Kohli himself has disclosed this. Talking about this in a video before the start of the new IPL season with RCB, Kohli told that he has sold many of his vehicles. The reason given by Kohli for this can surprise a little. Kohli revealed this in a video posted on RCB’s Twitter account.

Don’t mind hoarding ‘toys’

The star batsman now has only those vehicles left, which he really needs and uses. Kohli says that he had bought many vehicles just out of emotion but then did not use them. In such a situation, when he gradually grew up, he realized that there is no point in just collecting and does not feel like keeping such ‘toys’, so he said goodbye to many vehicles.

During the India-Australia Test match held in Delhi last month, Kohli had reached the Feroz Shah Kotla ground from his home. At that time, he had come in a Jaguar car, to see which a huge crowd of fans had gathered. However, this car belonged to his brother Vikas Kohli.