Virat Kohli was given wrong LBW out, now RCB told the rules

In the 18th match of IPL 2022, Virat Kohli was given out LBW by the third umpire against Mumbai. After which the matter caught a lot of attention on social media. Yes, this controversy is not taking the name of ending. At the same time, on this issue, RCB, citing a rule, told whether Virat Kohli was OUT or not!

RCB clarified on Virat Kohli’s dismissal

Virat Kohli abused after LBW

Virat Kohli was looking very good against Mumbai Indians. Virat Kohli was batting on 48 runs off 36 balls. Brevis made Virat LBW on the first ball of the 19th over. Kohli took a review to challenge the umpire’s decision. Kohli knew that the ball had hit the pad hitting the bat.

However, Kohli’s review was not in his favor and when the third umpire checked in the replay, he found that the ball hit the bat and pad simultaneously. Because of which he called Virat Kohli out LBW. After this decision of the umpire, a long debate broke out on social media. On which RCB had to come to clarify. RCB, citing the Law of Cricket 36.2.2, said that,

“We were reading through the MCC laws of cricket for LBW decisions, and here’s what we found. It is unfortunate that Virat Kohli had to come back disappointed after a great innings.

What does the law of LBW say?

Virat Kohli reaction after lbw of dewald brevis ballVirat Kohli reaction after lbw of dewald brevis ball

RCB The rule cited by the team on the dismissal of Virat Kohli. Will Virat Kohli be declared out LBW according to that rule? The Law of Cricket 36.2.2 states that if the ball strikes the bat and the body of the person batting at the same time, then it is considered to be bat first.

That is, according to the rules of MCC, Virat Kohli should not have been considered out. But still the umpire gave Kohli out. That’s why he was seen angry after getting out.