Visva Bharti University: Controversy over the demand for online or offline examination, students of Visva Bharti University clashed, fiercely fought

Photo: Students protesting at the gate of Visva Bharati University.

Image Credit source: Tv 9

The fire of protest against offline examination in West Bengal has now reached Visva Bharati University. During the demonstration on Wednesday, the students of support and opposition clashed with each other and there was a fierce fight between them.

Offline Exams in Various Universities of West Bengal (Offline Exam) There is a continuous protest going on and now this protest is going on Visva Bharati University (Visva Bharati University).Visva Bharati University) has reached the campus. Protests have been going on in Visva Bharati University for the last several days on this issue. online on Wednesday (Online Examination) And the students were divided among themselves regarding the offline examination. One side is protesting online, while the other side is demanding offline examination. Both the factions clashed with each other over this and there has been a fierce fight between the two groups. Let us tell you that Visva Bharati University has often been in controversies and students have been agitating continuously. This time there is an uproar in the campus of the university regarding the demand for online examination.

The students had boycotted the examination on Tuesday demanding the online examination and started a demonstration in front of the main gate. Due to this many students who came to take the exam had to return. On Wednesday morning again there was an examination of a different department. One side had come for examination. However, a group of students protested against the demand for online examination.

Students protesting against offline examination locked the classes

The protesting students closed the classes of various departments. Students willing to take the exam broke the lock and entered the examination hall. Due to this, a fight started between both the sides. Some even managed to break into the classroom. Although many could not enter. They are standing outside the classroom. A student who wanted to take the exam said, “Whether offline or online, we want to take the exam. This is about our future. Otherwise the year will be wasted.” At the same time, another student protesting said, “Many students could not come due to the protest at Agneepath and floods in Assam. Consequently, the exam must be online. Apart from this, we have been studying online for so long.”

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Visva Bharati University Management stuck on offline examination

However, the officials of Visva Bharati have already made it clear that they will take the exam offline only. By the way, a few days ago, the students of Calcutta University had protested against the demand for online examination. The protests went on for a long time. He said that the syllabus is not complete. Half the syllabus has been taught online, but why take an offline test? Calcutta University officials said that if the syllabus is not completed, teachers will take courses with special classes, but the exam will be offline, not online.