Volume-2 release of the last season of Money Heist, know the special things

The last season of the popular crime drama series ‘Money Heist’ i.e. Season 5 Volume-2 has been released on Netflix today i.e. on December 3. Its first volume came in September and season 5 volume 2 will be the last episode of this Spanish crime drama TV series. Money Heist is known in Spanish as ‘La Casa de Papel’, which translates as The House of Paper. The series has won several awards including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series three years ago. The series has also been praised by critics for its plot, interpersonal drama and direction.

In October, Netflix revealed that season 5 of “La Casa de Papel” was watched by 69 million Netflix households in the first four weeks after its September release, more than season 4 of Money Heist. Season 4 was watched by over 65 million Netflix households in the first four weeks after its premiere.

The director of this series, Jesus Colmener Mentioned That Volume-2 of the season finale will be more emotional. He said that I think it has a different pace. This is a series which is very special till the last episode. This is different from what we have done so far.

Money Heist Season 5 was filmed in Madrid, Spain. Significant parts of the series were also shot in Panama, Thailand, Italy (Florence), Denmark and Portugal.

The final batch of Season 5 episodes of Money Heist has been released on Netflix on Friday, December 3. Like the previous four seasons of the series, Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 has also been introduced in India in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

New episodes of Money Heist

There are total 10 episodes in Money Heist Season 5. The first five episodes in Volume 1 were released in September and now the last 5 episodes have come together.

The spin-off of the series has also been announced

Significantly, the Money Heist series is coming to an end, but its story will continue with a new series. Recently, at a fan event, ‘Money Heist’ star Pedro Alonso has announced a spin-off series centered on his character Berlin/Andres de Fonolosa. It is currently titled Berlin, which was the popular name of Andrés de Fonolosa in Money Heist. Berlin will release on Netflix in 2023. Money Heist creator Alex Pina will also join the series along with his partners Javier Gómez Santander and Juan Savador López.