Volvo EX90 Electric Car Coming With Camera, Multiple Sensors, Will Get 360-Degree Real Time View

Volvo is known for providing excellent safety features in its vehicles. The company claims that the chances of dying in an accident in their vehicles are negligible. Now, the company is all set to take the wraps off its latest flagship electric SUV, the EX90, which will replace the popular XC90. This also shows that the brand is speeding up the electrification work of the ICE models. Volvo EX90 is to be unveiled on 9th November. The company says that the latest electric car is surrounded by an “invisible shield of protection”. Let’s know about it.

Volvo is going to introduce its latest electric car XC90 on 9 November. The company has claimed that its flagship EV is surrounded by an ‘invisible shield of protection’. If you are wondering what is this shield, then let us tell you that the company is going to use many different sensors and cameras in this car, which will be connected to radar and lidar. The safety of the car can be indistinguishable from this entire system.

The Swedish carmaker, owned by Geely, will show drivers a 360-degree real-time view of the world, thanks to which Volvo used a suite of sensors such as multiple cameras, radar and LiDAR working on a specialized computing platform and software Is.

Volvo has press release Via said that “LiDAR senses the road in front of you, whether it’s day or night, and even at highway speeds. It can see small objects hundreds of meters ahead, making it easier to report, act and avoid.” Gets more time.’

Volvo says the invisible shield of protection continues to function inside the car, along with sensors and cameras that work on the company’s in-house-developed algorithms. This technology even enables the EX90 electric car to see when the driver is distracted or tired or inattentive. Further explained that the system will alert the driver. If the driver still does not wake up, or falls asleep or becomes ill while driving, the EX90 will safely stop on its own and call for help.