Vueling Airlines Announces Crypto Payments, Will Pay In 13 Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin

The recession of the cryptocurrency market may be scaring the investors, but the expansion of crypto is increasing continuously around the world. From fashion brands to food chains, she has included it in her services. Now another new name from the airline industry has joined this list. Vueling Airlines has announced that it will accept payments in crypto. For this, the company has partnered with popular crypto payment service provider platform BitPay. Vueling is a Spanish airline company and the latest company to join the crypto chain. The company has announced that it will include 13 cryptocurrencies in this digital method of payment.

Spanish airline company Vueling in its payment service cryptocurrency It has announced that it will start the service of payment in digital currency from 2023. The company will introduce crypto payments as an alternative mode of payment. For this, the company has tied up with crypto platform BitPay and payment network Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP). The company has said that starting in 2023, its passengers will be able to use more than a dozen cryptocurrencies as payment when making reservations, including Bitcoin also includes. This option will be given only to single ie individual passengers.

Vueling will be Europe’s first affordable airline crypto will accept the payment as Whereas other major European airline companies such as airBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines had already implemented crypto payments in their services. These companies have adopted crypto payments since 2014. Payment network Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) has claimed that when a customer makes a payment in crypto, this transaction will be done in the form of a push transaction so that there is no fraud in the transaction and neither the customer will be in any way to be caught in the trap of

Jesus Monzo, Distribution and Alliances Manager at Vueling, said, “With this agreement, Vueling has again proved that it is a digital airline. We are extremely pleased to partner with BitPay, allowing our customers to transact in cryptocurrency. And all this will be possible with complete security and confidence.


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