Wagle KI Duniya: Rajesh Wagle, troubled by the heat, will be a victim of heat stroke, an interesting twist will come in Wagle’s world

Rajesh Wagle will be a victim of heat stroke

The whole country is troubled by the increasing heat every day. The makers of “Wagle Ki Duniya” have created an interesting story for the audience regarding this deplorable weather.

Some may call it global warming or nature’s way of punishing us, but no one can escape from this terrible hot winds of summer. Sony SAB’s life story show Wagle’s world (Wagle Ki Duniya), has come up with a new story, in which the emphasis is on slowing down and staying fit in this hot weather. Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) is the only one who understands the importance of staying hydrated and taking care of himself amidst the sweltering heat. He has distributed a pamphlet as a guide in the entire Sai Darshan Society and in his office. By the way, his own family, society people and his office colleagues did not pay attention to him.

Rajesh Wagle himself will be a victim of heat stroke

Rajesh worked too hard to explain the importance of these guidelines, and unfortunately, he himself became a victim of hot winds and suffered from heat stroke. Although everyone is worried and worried about his health, Rajesh is trying to calm himself by remembering his own guidelines, forcing everyone to believe that the mind should be kept calm and the body will recover quickly. is. Wagle’s Duniya again managed to do so with its best story.

Know what Sumit Raghavan, playing the role of Rajesh Wagle, has to say

There is a simple message which can be very useful and it will be interesting to see if Rajesh will be able to recover from this heat stroke. Sumeet Raghavan, essaying the role of Rajesh Wagle says, “This is the specialty of our show, we take up common issues and create content that is useful to the common man. By ignoring our mother nature, we have created trouble for ourselves, so to avoid this heat, we should try our best to save ourselves.

Sumit Raghavan gave this advice to the audience

Sumit further says that this is not something to be taken lightly and care should be taken to avoid heat stroke. Wagle Ki Duniya will always try to bring you such stories and lots of laughs with such relevant story lines. Then stay hydrated, stay indoors and watch Wagle’s world.”