Wagle Ki Duniya: Will there be distance in the relationship between Rajesh Wagle and his wife Vandana? Know the full story

Sony SAB TV’s serial ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ is coming to an interesting point. Where for the first time the audience will get to see the distance between Rajesh and Vandana’s relationship.

Distance will come in the relationship between Rajesh Wagle and Vandana

At least once in our life, we have heard our mother say “ask papa” and then we went to my father and tried to persuade him. Such a scene is normal in the Wagle family and any other family and now Mami’s (Preeti Kochhar) attention has come to it. Sony SAB ShowsWagle’s world,Wagle Ki DuniyaIn the coming episodes of ) our gullible Vandana (Pariva Pranati) feels that her kids Atharva (Sheehan Kapahi) and Sakhi (Chinmayi Salvi) don’t wait for her reply and are only responsible for everything. Rajesh ,Sumeet Raghavan) want to get permission from.

Before telling Mami, Vandana never felt that this situation was wrong. Rajesh is the father and naturally he should have an opinion, which the children should follow. But why does he feel that he is not listened to and why did he not get it earlier? You can call it small talk or ignorance. The Wagle family is more liberal than other families and being a modern woman, Vandana has the ability to be self-reliant.

Why is Vandana having trouble?

Still, it seems that Vandana has no voice in the house and feels that she is of no importance. After realizing this, he feels that he has created this untold rule in his family. She does not remember how long she has left everything to her husband and has made her husband the spokesperson for all the important decisions. But now Vandana has decided to handle things herself and play the role of taking equal decision in the house.

Know what the family has to say

Pariva Pranati, essaying the role of Vandana Wagle said, “Wagle Ki Duniya always brings to the fore the nuances of everyday life through its story and teaches life lessons while doing so. Every topic is relevant and worth mentioning without getting too serious. As women, we are expected to surrender and we leave the decision-making work in the family. Often we suppress our voice and bow down to patriarchy. Once Vandana understands this, I am sure that many women will learn from her and we are expecting women to win this part of the story.”

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