Want to take credit card for online shopping, know which 4 things will get good deal by paying attention

How to choose the best credit card

Before choosing a credit card for online shopping, it is important for customers to understand their spending habits to know about other services offered by the bank.

Online shopping via credit card (Online shopping) has become very common now and for most of the Indians it has become a good option to save time and sometimes money. At the same time, online platform also to increase sales. Credit Card ,credit card) Offers new offers on purchases through Due to all these offers, shopping through credit cards is very convenient in terms of pocket and time. Banks also keep on offering new credit cards to their customers. If you also want to take a new credit card then ICCIC Bank (ICICI Bank With the help of these tips, you can choose the best credit card and make your shopping more profitable. Know what to keep your attention on

Choose credit card by spending

Before taking a credit card, understand your spending habits and practices, if you do a lot of online booking for travel. Or pay bills or do most of the shopping through a particular platform, then choose a card that can give you maximum benefit on this expenditure. For example, there are many cards which are linked to the payment of petrol and diesel. If your fuel expenditure is high, then through such credit card you can get more returns.

Rate of interest

Before choosing a credit card, know what is the interest rate on the card. Sometimes you pay the minimum amount on the bill. In this case, interest is charged on the remaining amount. On the other hand, if you convert the entire amount into EMI, then interest has to be paid on the EMI. In such a situation, you should choose such a credit card which is offering your low interest rate. Along with this, also take information about the interest free time along with the payment and choose the card with higher limit.


The rewards on the card are very important in the choice of credit card. Every bank gives reward points on its credit card in various ways. Which you can use for many other deals. While choosing a credit card, see how many rewards are available on the credit card and where and how you can use these reward points of the card. On this basis, you will be able to take maximum advantage of your deal.

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other services

Through credit cards, customers get many services like international shopping and EMI facility etc. With the help of this, the scope of the customer’s shopping increases, he can not only make big purchases but also can buy from international sites. Therefore, choose a credit card on the basis of how easily you can get these facilities and what the bank is offering you on these facilities.