Was once the ‘favourite’ umpire of ICC, today he is selling shoes and clothes to fill his stomach

Asad Rauf has officiated in 107 international matches. (File Pic)

This umpire used to have a lot of name at one time and he was also included in the elite panel of ICC. This umpire has experience of umpiring in 107 international matches.


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TV9 Hindi , Edited By: Abhishek Upadhyay

Jun 24, 2022 | 2:12 pm

An umpire of Pakistan used to appear several times in international matches at one time. He umpired in many big matches, but today the situation is such that this umpire has to run a shop to run his livelihood. This umpire is Asar Rauf. Asad Rauf is currently running a shoe and clothing shop in Pakistan’s famous Landa Bazar, Asad Rauf, who umpired in 107 international matches from 2000 to 2013, was banned. Asad was once a part of the elite panel of the ICC. He has officiated in the World Cup, IPL. Asad is no longer interested in cricket.

it’s not for me

Asad has said that he does not do this for himself but for his staff. Asad on PakTV. Said in an interview given to TV, “This is not for me. This is for the daily wages of my staff. I work for them. I have officiated in many matches in my life. No one is going to see me now. I have been away from the game since 2013 because once I leave the job, I leave it completely.