Watch Viral Video Haryanvi Song 2 Numbari played in Delhi Metro PA System

Delhi Metro is identified as such a public transport, which people consider safe and accessible. The announcement on Metro’s Passenger PA i.e. Public Announcement System tells people which station is about to arrive. Which way will the doors open? From where the feeder bus service of metro is available etc. But a video going viral on social media shows how a Haryanvi song was played in a metro through the public announcement system. The people riding in the metro laughed a lot. Seeing the viral video, people reacted and the matter came into limelight.

As per reports, instead of the normal announcement on the passenger PA system, a Metro I played the Haryanvi song ‘2 Numbari’. As soon as the song played, people were surprised. Some people can be heard laughing in the video. It has been revealed in the information so far that the Haryanvi song in the metro was played due to the mistake of the train operator. The video is going viral on social media.

Many users are sharing the video on Twitter. Passengers can be heard laughing in just 15 seconds of the video. It is said that the song stopped only after running for a few seconds. Apparently the song would have stopped due to the arrival of the next station or some other announcement and by then the operator would have realized his mistake.

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