We will not apologize – President Biden said again after the Chinese spy ‘balloon’ was dropped

China is furious after the spy balloon was dropped. Reacting strongly to this action immediately after the attack, China threatened the US with dire consequences for using force against its civilian unmanned aircraft.

US President Joe Biden

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America and China Relations have become extremely tense amid the dispute over the alleged Chinese spy balloon, which is being tried to normalize. Meanwhile in America President Joe Biden said yesterday on Thursday that it Xi Jinping will talk about the shooting down of the US Air Force, which Washington claimed was a high-tech missile earlier this month. chinese spy balloon Was.

“I look forward to speaking with President Xi Jinping and we’re going to get to the bottom of this,” President Biden said in his most special remarks since the February 4 incident. Insisting that the United States is “not looking for a new Cold War,” Biden said “I have no regrets about shooting down that balloon.” Biden said, “We will always work for the interests of the American people and the security of the American people.”

At the same time, Biden also made a clear distinction between the Chinese balloon and the three smaller objects that were later shot down. He denied Chinese involvement, saying, “We still don’t know exactly what these three objects were.” Biden said, “Nothing at this time appears to be related to China’s spy balloon program or … surveillance vehicles from any other countries.”

China furious over American reaction

On the other hand, on Thursday, China’s parliament condemned the US response to the discovery of China’s suspected spy balloon in American airspace and accused US lawmakers of violating the sovereignty of other countries. This reaction of China has come at a time when the US has passed a resolution condemning the incident after China’s suspected spy balloon was found.

China’s National People’s Congress Foreign Affairs Committee reiterated Beijing’s position that the balloon was an unmanned civilian weather research vehicle. However, America has rejected this claim. China initially expressed regret over the incident of destroying the balloon in US airspace on February 4 and later hardened its stand on the matter and also condemned the US response.

Will take action against US entities: China

China’s Foreign Ministry said it would take action against US entities over the destruction of a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the eastern US coast. But he did not elaborate on this. China’s Foreign Affairs Committee said in a statement that the resolution passed unanimously by the House of Representatives in the US deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by China. Earlier, since the balloon was destroyed, the US has imposed sanctions on six Chinese establishments.

Balloon shot down after Biden’s order

The United States was shocked and its security threatened when an alleged white-coloured Chinese spy balloon that was seen in US airspace monitoring its top-secret nuclear weapons sites was later shot down following an order from the President The US military shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon in the Atlantic Ocean and recovered all equipment from its wreckage.

A senior US defense official then told that on the instructions of President Joe Biden, the US military shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon in the Atlantic Ocean, about 9.65 km from the US coast in South Carolina, at 2.39 pm local time. He said that there was no loss of life or property to American citizens during the shooting down of the balloon.

On the other hand, reacting strongly to this action immediately after the attack from China, the US was threatened with dire consequences for using force against its civilian unmanned aircraft.

Balloon entered Alaska on January 28

China’s official news agency Xinhua, citing a statement by China’s Foreign Ministry on February 5, said that Beijing has expressed its strong opposition to the US using force to attack China’s civilian unmanned aerial vehicle. According to the statement, “The US insistence on the use of force is indeed an unnecessary response and a serious violation of international procedure. China will resolutely uphold the legitimate rights and interests of the relevant company, while reserving the right to take further steps in response.” China claimed that this balloon was merely a weather research “airplane”.

A US defense official told about the balloon, “The Pentagon had been keeping an eye on the balloon flying at high altitude for some time. It entered Alaska on 28 January. Thereafter, it entered Canadian airspace on 30 January and then entered US airspace again on 31 January.

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