What did the famous British journalist say about ‘Megan Merkel’ that caused a ruckus, 50,000 complaints were made, yet got a clean chit

Meghan Markle News: Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, who belongs to the British royal family, often remains in the headlines. Recently, during an interview, he had made serious allegations against the royal family, due to which the whole world was shocked. This time Megan is being discussed due to the comment of television personality and journalist Piers Morgan, in which he said not to trust Megan’s words. People also opposed him a lot on this. But now he has got a clean chit.

Britain’s media regulator said Piers Morgan did not violate any code by making comments about the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (Piers Morgan Comments on Meghan Markle). Viewers made 50,000 complaints about Morgan’s remarks about Megan. Never before has the media monitoring agency in the country received so many complaints. The Office of Communications (Ofcom) said Morgan did not violate any broadcasting code by saying this on the ‘Good Morning Britain’ program.

What did Morgan say after the verdict?

The agency said Morgan did not believe Megan’s statement during an interview with Ofrah Winfrey that she had thoughts of suicide while adapting to the monarchy (Meghan Markle Royal Family). Morgan tweeted after Ofcom’s decision, “This is a huge victory for freedom of speech and a crushing defeat for Princess Pinocchio.” Will I get my job back?’ Prince Harry’s wife Meghan told Winfrey that royal officials ignored her mental health concerns and faced racist treatment.

Megan herself filed a complaint

Morgan said on this that he “doesn’t believe a single word” of Megan. Morgan has been criticized by many mental health activists for dismissing mental health, and Megan herself filed complaints with Ofcom and broadcaster ITV. Morgan left the show after an uproar over his comments. Ofcom said Morgan’s comments were “possibly hurtful and offensive to the audience”, but regulators take full care of “freedom of expression”. “Under our rules, broadcasters may include controversial opinions as part of a legitimate debate in the public interest,” the office said in a statement.

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