What is Graphology? Earn lakhs by becoming a handwriting expert, see the details of the course

Nowadays corporate companies take the services of graphologists, so that the potential of an individual can be analyzed. There is a dearth of expert professionals in this field. This is the reason why big money is earned in this field.

You can make a career in Graphology after 12th. (signal photo)

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Many times you must have heard people say, ‘I have not understood, what is there in handwriting.’ It is true that handwriting is a means of conveying information, but it is an incomplete truth. Actually, there are career prospects in this, you can earn big by becoming a handwriting expert i.e. graphologist. Professional graphologists can identify the author of a handwritten letter, note or any document. Career Tips In this episode, we are telling about the Graphology Course, Scope and Institute.

Not only this, they can tell the mental state and personality of the writer at the time of writing the note. For this, they study any document closely. If you have the habit of thinking analytically and have interest in this field, then you can become a graphologist. Let us know about the career, scope and opportunities in graphology.

What is Graphology? – What is graphology?

It is the art of understanding personality by looking at handwriting. It is now an accepted technique for assessing people in many institutions. There are many methods of graphology, which helps in analyzing the writings of a person. It is important in many areas like child development, recruitment in companies, personality development, criminology.

Even if only a few words are written on a piece of paper, graphology expert can understand the behavior, way of thinking and what goes on in the subconscious mind by observing the writing strokes and patterns of a person.

How do graphologists work?

Graphology experts work for different people and organizations. The role of graphologist in criminal investigation becomes important in cases where people write notes before committing suicide or disappearing. These professionals help in ascertaining the psychological condition of a person. His daily routine includes the following:

  • Taking samples of handwriting from people and studying writing strokes.
  • Measuring letter patterns, height and slant degrees.
  • Use the magnifying glass and calibrated templates for your work.
  • Determining how much pressure the writer exerts on the paper while writing.
  • Understanding the emotional energy of the writer and reaching the conclusion.
  • Applying different theories to interpret handwriting samples.
  • To conduct research to gather information on topics related to graphology.
  • Talk to government agencies and corporate clients on the aspects of investigation.

Career Scope in Graphology

Graphology is the best option in terms of career because job opportunities are available in both government and private sector. However, there is a dearth of expert professionals in this field. This is the reason why big money is earned in this field.

Nowadays corporate companies take the services of graphologists, so that the potential of an individual can be analyzed. Graphologists help solve high profile criminal cases during forensic investigations.

Courses in Graphology – Graphologist Course

Foundation Course: This is a beginner level course. To develop an understanding of handwriting analysis science, one should first do this course. During the course, different personalities of the people are told. After this, students can read and understand other people’s handwriting at a basic level.

diploma course: Do a diploma course to become a professional graphologist. Its scope is quite wide. Career as a graphologist can be started after the course. 12th pass students in any stream Graphology Course Can take admission in

Advance and Specialization Courses: In this field, many advanced courses like handwriting development and grapho-therapy are conducted. Later, professional graphologists can also do refresher courses. With the help of the course, it helps them to get an in-depth knowledge about the personality of the people.

top institute

Institute of Graphological Research, Mumbai

Mind Zone Institute of Graphology and Personal Development

Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Pune

– Graphology School of India, Bangalore

Handwriting School of India, Bangalore

Graphology Research Institute, Mumbai

Institute of Graphology, Kolkata

All India Institute of Occult Science, New Delhi

Graphology Institute, Hyderabad

– School of Graphology, Delhi