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In order to provide better health related facilities to the citizens of the state by the Rajasthan government Right To Health Bill passed by voice vote. The opposition party is protesting against some provisions of the bill. But the Right to Health Bill is being described by the government as very beneficial for the common citizens of the state. Let us tell you that the Right to Health Bill was introduced in the assembly in September 2022 but the bill could not move forward due to various reasons including the provision of compulsory free emergency treatment.

Due to heavy opposition from Rajasthan doctors, the bill has been sent to the Pravara Samiti MLA. Which Rajasthan Health Rights has been passed on Tuesday in the current budget session 2023-24. if you right to help bill rajasthan What is? Why was there opposition to this bill? What are the benefits of Right To Health Bill? If you want to get information related to all these, then you have to read this article in detail till the end.

Right To Health Bill Rajasthan What’s up

To provide the legal right of health to the general public of the state by the Government of Rajasthan. Right to Health Bill 2023 Has been passed in the assembly on 21 March 2023. With the passage of this bill, every citizen of Rajasthan will have the right to emergency treatment and care at any public health institution, health care establishment and designated health care centers without prior payment of the requisite silkia fee.

right to health bill Patients shall not be refused treatment in hospitals under In case of emergency, the cost of treatment will be borne by the state government if the concerned patient is not able to bear it. In case of emergency in any serious illness, the patient will be able to get admitted in a private hospital free of cost and will be able to get treatment at the right time. Apart from this, in this bill, if a patient injured in an accident is taken to the hospital, then a provision has been made to give an incentive amount of Rs 5000 to such a person by the government.

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right to health bill rajasthan 2023 Key Highlights

article name Right To Health Bill
bill passed on 21 March 2023
Relevant departments Rajasthan Health Department
beneficiary citizens of the state
Objective Providing free health care even in private hospitals
Incentives 5000 rupees
State Rajasthan
Year 2023

Why was there protest against the Rajasthan Right to Health Bill?

In fact, the protest against the Right to Health Bill was being done by a private doctor in Rajasthan. Because under this bill, private hospitals will be bound to provide treatment in any emergency. Not only this, after the new law comes, private hospitals will be bound to provide treatment without any payment. If a patient coming to the hospital in emergency does not have money to pay, then in such a situation the hospital will be forced to provide treatment without any payment.

Private doctors agitating against this Bill regarding the Right to Health Bill said that this would increase the signature of bureaucracy on them. On Monday, March 20, doctors of private hospitals also took to the streets to protest against the Right to Health Bill. The doctor’s delegation also gave suggestions to make changes in this bill towards dialogue with the health department officials. Apart from this, a delegation of 5 doctors met the Health Minister in the Assembly on Monday and demanded the withdrawal of the bill.

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Rajasthan Right to Health Bill

Rule Of Violation to do But 25000 rupees As far as Of Fine

Under the Right To Health Bill, if any provision or rule is violated by a doctor or patient, then they will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 25,000 for doing so. For the first time, a fine of up to Rs 10,000 will have to be paid for violating any provision or rule, in addition to this, a provision of fine up to Rs 25,000 has been made for violating any rule laid down later.

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Right to Health Bill From public To to meet the ones advantages

  1. Right to Health includes terrorism, natural biological malfunctioning bacteria, toxic substances, chemical attack, virus, nuclear attack, accident, death of a large number of population, spread of gases and risk accidents. Due to which the losses in the state will also be curtailed.
  2. In the Right to Health Bill, private hospitals will also have to provide free treatment for all diseases according to government schemes.
  3. Treatment, emergency medical treatment, examination, treatment, nursing, diagnosis, and procedures have been included in this bill to the people of the state under Right to Health during the epidemic.
  4. Government and private institutes, facilities, buildings etc. have also been included in this bill. Apart from this, indoor outdoor units, institutions being run by government private owners, dependent and controlled institutions will also be involved in providing treatment to the public.
  5. In the Right To Health Bill, every person of Rajasthan will be able to get proper information about the diagnosis, treatment, future results and possible complex and cost of treatment. That is, doctor’s visit, consultation, medicines, emergency transportation like ambulance facility, procedure and services, emergency treatment will be available free of cost.
  6. Health care will be provided to the patient in private hospitals without any delay in case of emergency without any advance payment for free of cost treatment by the Public Health Institute.
  7. Human dignity and confidentiality will be taken care of during surgery, chemotherapy, during treatment by giving prior information.
  8. The presence of female personnel will be necessary during the physical test of the female patient.
  9. Free transportation, free treatment and free insurance cover will be given to the patient coming in road accident.
  10. A provision has been made to give incentive amount of Rs 5000 to the citizen who reaches the hospital for the injured patient in the accident.
  11. Mutual coordination will be maintained between government departments for providing safe food, arrangement of clean drinking water, hygiene.
  12. System will be put in place to deal with any complaint immediately.
  13. Forwarding the complaint to the concerned officer of the Help Center within 24 hours through the web portal.
  14. The complainant will be replied within 24 hours. Also, on receiving the complaint, the District Health Authority will have to take appropriate action within 30 days.