What is the back stress reaction, due to which Bumrah is out of the T20 World Cup?

Jasprit Bumrah out of T20 World Cup, the reason for the injury is not a back stress fracture but a reaction, know everything about this injury.

Jasprit Bumrah had a back stress reaction, know everything about this injury

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The news of Jasprit Bumrah being out of the T20 World Cup 2022 has finally been confirmed. BCCI issued a media release and said that Jasprit Bumrah Injured and will not be available for T20 World Cup. Let us tell you that Jasprit Bumrah has not been out due to back stress fracture but due to back stress reaction. Now the question is what is back stress reaction? How does this hurt? And for how long can Jasprit Bumrah recover from this?

After all, what is a back stress reaction injury, you will know further, but before that let us tell you that Bumrah is battling this kind of injury for the third time. Earlier he had a stress back fracture but this time it is a reaction. Now know everything about Bumrah’s injury.

What is Back Stress Reaction?

There is a big difference between a back stress reaction and a fracture. In a fracture, the victim feels a lot of pain and it is difficult for him to move, while there is a burning sensation and mild pain in stress. There is stiffness in the body in stress reaction. Stress reaction means that the bone has become weak but there is no crack in it.

How does the back stress reaction start?

Back stress reaction occurs due to continuous pressure on one place. Along with this, due to not getting complete rest, there is also a stress reaction. In Jasprit Bumrah’s case, this is said to be because of his action. Because Bumrah has been given continuous rest but despite this his old injury emerges only after playing a few matches.

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How long does a back stress reaction take?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for a back stress reaction to heal. In case of fracture, the recovery time is considered to be up to 4 months. In stress reaction, the player is cured through rest and physical therapy. Apart from this, exercises are done to strengthen the core. There is also a workout to strengthen the lower back. so it is clear bumrah He will have to work hard to come back but there is no guarantee that he will not get hurt again.