What is the risk of death from corona to the patient? AI tool will tell this easily, only scanning will give results

Artificial Intelligence Tool For Covid-19 Patients: Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a variety of tools have been developed to test it and find out other results. Now it is being claimed about a new artificial intelligence tool that it can know how much a person infected with Kovid-19 is at risk of death. Information about variants related to this device is also available (Covid-19 AI Tool). The affected blood vessels are scanned to find out these results.

Scientists from Oxford University have developed an algorithm through which Kovid-19 can be detected in chest CT scan. The technique detects abnormalities in the fat surrounding blood vessels to measure the level of inflammation (reddening or swelling of blood vessels) caused by cytokines in infected patients (AI Tool For Covid Patients). People whose blood vessels are more affected are eight times more likely to die in hospital. But with the medicine used in its treatment, this risk can be reduced up to six times.

Doctors will get help in treatment

The team of scientists believes that with this device, doctors can easily know which medicine is effective in healing the affected blood vessels. In the case of Kovid, many people get affected by the cytokine storm. Charlambos Antoniades, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Oxford University, told the British Heart Foundation (BHF), ‘By adding another step in the extra care of hospitalized Kovid-infected people, we can now find out how much their lives are being saved. There is danger, even if they have had a CT scan. Due to which we can also give them better treatment in time.

The equipment has many more advantages

He adds, ‘The benefits of this tool do not end here. We know how much the virus affects the immune system. Which can cause abnormal blood clotting. That’s why we have prepared the IA platform. So that they can also find out the risk of life of those Kovid-19 patients who are at risk of heart attack or stroke in future. To test this device, the chest of 435 people has been scanned. After which the inflammation level and risk of death of people infected with Kovid and normal people were assessed. The results of which showed that the blood vessels of people infected with Kovid-19 are more affected.

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