‘What should I write, what should I say…’, Akanksha Dubey spoke to Akshara Singh just a day before her death

Akshara Singh Post: After the death of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey, Akshara Singh has gone into shock. Akshara has told through her post that she had talked to Akanksha a day before.

Akshara Singh

Image Credit source: Instagram

Mumbai: Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey People are shocked after hearing the news of suicide. especially bhojpuri cinema K’s stars, who still can’t believe this news. Akanksha Dubey was a girl who fought fiercely against difficulties in real life. She was the support of her family and was ready to do anything for her parents. But now Akanksha Dubey herself has left this world.

The news of Akanksha Dubey’s suicide has shaken Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh. He is shocked after this news, he does not even understand what to say and what not. Actually Akshara Singh has shared a post on her insta. In which he has shared the picture of Akanksha Dubey. His mother is also present in the picture along with Akanksha Dubey. Akanksha is seen smiling in the picture. But now this smile will never be seen again.

Let me tell you, a day before the suicide, there was a conversation between Akshara and Akanksha Dubey. Akshara Singh has now disclosed this thing. He has written a lot in the caption accompanying the picture. According to Akshaka, he does not understand what to say and what to write. Last day, Akanksha Dubey had messaged Akshara asking whether she is in Varanasi. Akshara has further written that, she is still not convinced that a brave girl can do this.

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According to Akshara, Akanksha Dubey was the hope of her parents. She wanted to give them a good life. After this, Akshara made the girls aware that now is the time to wake up, to think about their parents before doing anything wrong. After this revelation of Akshara, many questions are coming in people’s mind that what Akanksha Dubey wanted to talk to her. Did Akanksha Dubey Akshara want to tell something? All these questions are now just questions.