WhatsApp Facebook Data Breach Big Number of WhatsApp and Facebook Users become Target of Data theft in India

A case of data theft of lakhs of users has been detected from social media and messaging platforms. The gang involved was allegedly involved in the theft and sale of sensitive data belonging to the government and important organizations. This includes details of over 2.50 lakh military personnel and confidential data of about 16.8 crore citizens.

Cyberabad Police has arrested seven people in this case. The accused were found selling information in more than 140 categories. This included details of military personnel, mobile numbers of civilians and NEET students. Cyber ​​Police Commissioner, M Stephen Raveendra told reporters told That in this case seven data brokers have been arrested from Delhi. These accused were doing this through three firms (call centres) from Noida and other places. It has been learned that the accused had sold the data to at least 100 fraudsters, who have used it for cyber crimes. The investigation of this matter is going on.

Stephen told that sensitive data of military personnel has also been received from the accused. It contains details like their rank, email id and place of posting. Stephen said, “It can also have an impact on national security. The data of military and government personnel can be used for espionage.” The accused were selling this data through contact details service providers and other such platforms and data of around 50,000 citizens were being sold for as low as Rs 2,000. Police said that notices will also be sent to the service providers in this matter and legal action will be taken after examining them.

the accused whatsapp About 12 million users of Facebook and 17 lakh users of Facebook were targeted. The police also got data related to two crore students, 12 lakh CBSE class 12 students, about 40 lakh job seekers, 1.47 crore car owners, 11 lakh government employees and 15 lakh IT professionals. Apart from this, the mobile number database of three crore people was also with the accused. It is suspected to be leaked from telecom service providers. <!–


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