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WhatsApp will no longer work in these phones, backup chats like this

WhatsApp has discontinued support for Apple users running phones on iOS 9 or older operating systems. The company has given this information on its FAQ page. WhatsApp periodically removes support for older OS versions. This time it is the turn of iOS users. The company has clearly written on its FAQ page that WhatsApp will not support those devices which are working on iOS 9 or older. This means that you will need to update the software version to iOS 10 or higher.

Whatsapp your FAQ page But it has been said that WhatsApp will no longer support iOS 9 or earlier. To use WhatsApp on iPhone, it is necessary to have iOS 10 or later on your phone. WhatsApp wrote on its FAQ page, “To get a better experience of all the features of WhatsApp, we recommend that you use the new version of iOS on your phone. To know about updating your iPhone software on the Apple Support website Go.”

Not only this, WhatsApp has Further written Is “We do not prohibit the use of jailbroken and unlocked devices. However, these changes may affect your device’s ability to function. We do not support phones that modify the operating system of the iPhone. Use the version. “

Explain that currently iPhone 4s is working on iOS 9. The company has not given iOS 10 to this series. This shows that users running models of iPhone 4s or earlier will no longer be able to run WhatsApp. If you are also using models prior to iPhone 5, we recommend that you backup your chats in iCloud. After that you can restore them in the new version device.

How to backup WhatsApp on iCloud

You can backup your WhatsApp chats on iCloud using the steps mentioned below and restore them to a new device.

To take a manual backup of your chats at any time, you have to go to ‘Settings’ of WhatsApp and tap on ‘Chats’ there. Then tap on ‘Chat Backup’ and tap on ‘Back Up Now’.<!–


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