Wheat production will decrease this year, increasing heat has shown effect on crop: Piyush Goyal

Wheat production will decrease this year

The initial estimate of wheat production was 111 million tonnes, although now the production is estimated to be 106 million tonnes. According to the government, further decline is also possible.

This year, the production of wheat crop in the country may be less than last year because the increasing heat has affected the crops. This information was given by Union Minister Piyush Goyal.Piyush Goyal) in the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos. According to the Union Minister this year Wheat ,Wheat) crop may fall by 7 to 8 percent as compared to last year. He said that this year only enough wheat crop has been grown in the country to meet the domestic consumption. He made it clear that India Wheat Export (Wheat Export) and only two years ago the country exported surplus wheat. Which was not a huge amount. In fact, India has imposed a ban on exports amid rising wheat prices across the world. To which the western countries reacted. Today, the Union Minister put forward the side of the country in this matter.

The effect of rising heat will be visible

When asked what is the reason for the decrease in wheat production. Piyush Goyal said that the effect of rising heat has been shown on the crops all over India. In the month of April-May, production has decreased due to heat wave. He said that our estimate is that there is a possibility of a decline of 8 percent in the production of wheat, although there is a possibility that the decline may be more. He said that we have already exported surplus wheat and will continue to export wheat to needy and friendly countries. The initial estimate of wheat production was 111 million tonnes. However, the new estimate is of 106 million tonnes. Talking on inflation, Piyush Goyal said that there is an effect of inflation but it is not on all commodities. Like rice is still away from the effect of inflation. At the same time, the effect of inflation has been shown on wheat, but these prices have not yet reached the alarming level. On the other hand, there has been an increase in the prices of total fruits and vegetables.

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Wheat procurement down 53 percent

At the same time, the effect of the rise in wheat prices across the world has been seen on government procurement. So far this year, the procurement of wheat by the government is down by 53 percent as compared to last year. Till now the government had procured 182 lakh tonnes of wheat. Wherein last year wheat procurement reached record levels when the government had bought 433 lakh tonnes of wheat. It is estimated that this year the total wheat procurement of the government can be 195 lakh tonnes. According to the government, due to the rise in the prices of wheat in foreign markets this year, private companies are giving good prices to the farmers, due to which a large number of farmers are selling their wheat to private traders.