When Dev Anand postponed the shooting of the film for 6 months to get music from Burman da

Dev Anand took a big decision to wait for RD Burman for his film because it was a film very close to his heart. That movie was Guide. What happened after that was more interesting.

It is a matter of 60s. Actor Dev Anand was making a film. Sachin Dev Burman was responsible for the music of the film. But suddenly things changed very rapidly. Burman da’s health deteriorated. He had a heart attack. The doctors’ advice was that Burman da needed both treatment and rest. The work of the film seemed to be stalling. The second option was that Dev Anand should change the composer of the film. In such a situation, Dev Anand took a big decision. He postponed the shooting of the film itself for 6 months. He had made up his mind that Burman Dada would compose the music of the film, even if he had to wait 6 months for that.

It is important to understand here that stopping the shooting of the film for 6 months is not an easy task. There is also a big loss in this. But Dev Anand was ready for any outcome. That too when some other big directors took back the work given to SD Burman and got it done by some other musician. Despite this, Dev Anand stuck to his decision. Well, when Burman Dada returned after recovering, he started the work of composing the music of the film.

This story is from guide movie

Dev Anand took this big decision because it was a film very close to his heart. That movie was Guide. What happened after that was more interesting. Don’t know whether it was a coincidence or Burman’s grandfather regretted the delay due to his ill health, but it is said that SD Burman composed all the songs of the film guide in just five days. Dev Anand had faith in him, he immediately approved all the songs.

The trouble was that Dev Anand did not like a song. He was in the mood to rethink on keeping this song in the film. Dev Anand came after getting this song recorded in Mumbai but he did not like this song. He also discussed this matter with his colleagues. Dev Anand was not even happy with Burman Dada’s work regarding this song. However, when the film was released later, the same song proved to be the most hit song of the film guide. Even today it is an immortal song of Hindi film music. The lyrics of this song were – Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai. Let us tell that this song was composed by SD Burman on the land of Raag Mishra Bhairavi.

How did this song come in the film?

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This song was shot in Udaipur. When the rest of the people of the unit heard the song, everyone praised it openly but Dev Anand remained adamant. Later the director of the film Vijay Anand avoided saying that we shoot this song for the time being, if later the film does not look good, then we will record another song. Every day the song was shot, Dev Anand noticed one thing, every person in the unit was humming the same song from the set to the hotel – aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai. Dev Anand heard people humming this hundreds of times. In the end, he also agreed that this song would be used in the film. Dev Anand later admitted that this song will be used in the film as it is. We all know how popular this song was written by Shailendra later. The lyrics of the song were also amazing.