When Kangana Ranaut replaced the male actor, played the role with a moustache.

Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut always remains a part of the discussion. Now-a-days people are seen mentioning about their statements and sometimes mentioning them. Meanwhile, Monica Chaudhary has praised him a lot.

Kangana Ranaut

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Mumbai: Bollywood ki panga queen Kangana Ranaut Even though she remains a part of controversies regarding her statements, but everyone knows how good an actress she is. From Anupam Kher to Amitabh Bachchan, everyone has praised Kangana’s work. Kangana Ranaut only has the courage to run a film on her own. The sharper the words of Kangana are, the more praise worthy her work is. Meanwhile, another actress was found praising Kangana.

in fact the recent film ‘You are a liar, I am a liar’ appeared in Monica Chowdhary In one of his interviews, shared some old stories related to Kangana. Monica is being liked a lot for her work in the film. The one thing that is common between Monica and Kangana is that both these actresses have learned to work under director Arvind Gaur. Monica has also turned towards the film world only after trying her hand in theatre.

According to Monica, Arvind Gaur likes Kangana’s work very much, he always praises her. There was a time when Kangana used to secretly take acting classes. In those days she used to study in Chandigarh. Arvind Gaur had recognized Kangana’s talent long back. He knew that he was very hardworking and talented. Narrating an old anecdote, Monica told that there was a person on the set who was ill. Nobody remembered his line. But Kangana remembered his line and started acting with a moustache.

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From this step of Kangana, Monica learned that the opportunity should not be missed. Should be able to hit fours on the spot. Now you must be wondering why Monica said so many things about Kangana. So let me tell you, Monica Chowdhary will soon be seen in the film Emergency with Kangana Ranaut. For which he is quite excited.