When Lata Mangeshkar was leaving home upset at the age of 9, then got the biggest lesson of life

Today is the first death anniversary of Bollywood legend singer Lata Mangeshkar. Singer breathed his last on February 6, 2022 and said goodbye to the world. There was a time when Lata was leaving the house at a young age after getting angry with her family members.

Singer Lata Mangeshkar

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Lata Mangeshkar Death Anniversary: Swar Kokila in Bollywood world Lata Mangeshkar has had a different status. The singer who rocked the tunes had said goodbye to the world a year back on this day. His absence is felt by the fans everywhere. The legacy that Lata Mangeshkar has left behind is not in anyone’s capacity to reconcile them. Each and every song of his has divinity in it. Each and every one of his stories and words came out like a lesson for life. Lata Mangeshkar raised the name of India worldwide and the whole country was emotional on her death. An anecdote of her childhood related to Singer is very interesting when she was leaving her home and during that time she got a big lesson of her life.

It is a very old issue. At that time Lata Mangeshkar was only 9 years old. She was very stubborn in childhood. Singer used to get angry on every small thing and used to insist on leaving the house. Due to this, his family members were also getting worried. Then her family members came up with an idea by which Lata could be taught a lesson without scolding her. Lata got angry on something and she again got angry and made up her mind to leave the house. By the way, whenever she used to do this, someone used to come from behind, catch her and bring her back home.

When the family members ignored Lata

But this time when Lata got angry and started leaving the house, the family members decided that no one would go to persuade her. Lata kept moving forward. She went more than a kilometer away from her house. When he looked back, no one was there. This time no one came to persuade him. She got scared. Along with that, she had also lost her way home. Now the fear of going away from home started troubling him. The faces of the parents started appearing in front of his eyes. The shape of his house and gate started floating in front of his eyes. Lata sat on the bank of a pond and started crying. He had realized. Of the importance of home and family. of the presence of loved ones. Now 9 years old Lata had grown up. Had changed. Meanwhile, her father Deenanath Mangeshkar came there and hugged Lata.

Lata got a big lesson

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They brought Lata back home and after that Lata Mangeshkar promised that she would never leave the house. The house from which Lata Mangeshkar was running away in childhood, later on, the same Lata took the responsibility of her whole house and remained a virgin all her life. Lata Mangeshkar’s life was full of ups and downs. But he never let his music get affected. Lata sang songs of every emotion and mesmerized the fans with the magic of her velvety voice.