When Pollard, with his hand pointing, sent the ball across the boundary

IPL (IPL) Today, Mumbai Indians have made one more step to reach the 14 playoffs. 24th match of the season Mumbai Indians at Delhi ground and Rajasthan Royals Played between In which Rajasthan scored 171 runs in the first play, after which, chasing the target, Mumbai won by 7 wickets in 18.3 overs. By the way, it was a thrilling contest. But, something fun happened in the 18th of the match. When Kieron Pollard sent the ball across the boundary with a hand gesture.

Ball from Helmets of Pollard (Kieron Pollard)

talk Mumbai Indians It is the 18th over of the innings. When the ball-rounder player Chris Morris (Chris Morris) was in hand and the batter was Mumbai strike Kieron Pollard (Kieron Pollard). Pollard hit a six on the first ball of the over and a four on the second ball. The third ball of the over was bowled by Morris with a low bouncer, which Pollard tried to drop and bowed down. But, the ball hit his helmet.

After being hit by the helmet, the ball went towards the fine leg. Due to no players at that place, the ball started going straight towards the boundary. Seeing whom Pollard started shaking his hand. Looking at him, it seemed that he was pushing the ball. Bowler Chris Morris started laughing after seeing his action. After this, Pollard and Morris also shook hands with each other.

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