When Ratan Rajput was dragged by the snatcher, the actress remembered the painful accident

YouTube videos of TV actress Ratan Rajput are also very much discussed. In his latest YouTube vlog, Ratan Rajput told about the accident in the capital Delhi.

Ratan Rajput

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Ratan Rajput got a lot of limelight from the TV show Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. At present, actress Ratan Rajput is away from the world of TV. But she is connected to the fans through her YouTube channel. She keeps sharing vlogs on YouTube. tell that TV actress Ratan Rajput YouTube videos are also very much discussed. Recently, Ratan Rajput has told about an incident that happened to him, which you will also be surprised to hear.

Ratan disclosed on the accident in Delhi

In his latest YouTube vlog, Ratan Rajput told about the accident in the capital Delhi. Recently Ratan Rajput has bought his new phone. This accident is also related to this. Recalling this incident, Ratan says that while going from Patna to Delhi, she was the first person in her family who bought the phone. Ratan told that she used to go to Mandi House in Delhi to take her drama classes from the window.

One day when she was returning, during that time Ratan felt that someone was pulling something near her ear. Ratan was talking to her mother on the phone during that time. When I looked, I found that a boy was pulling his pon. Ratan told that she was screaming. She was asking to leave the phone. She was constantly pleading for help from the people but the people present there were being seen.

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dragged Ratan away

Recalling this incident, Ratan told that at that time it must have been around 8:30 in the night. Then suddenly a boy approached him. Ratan asked the boy for help but he grabbed Ratan Rajput’s hand and started dragging him. Ratan felt that now she would not survive. She was screaming. However, during this time two students of NIFT Ratan Rajput helped. He took Ratan to his house. Ratan said that after this accident, fear has settled in his mind.