When she becomes a star, she will return, but did not come…, husband Imran said on the allegations of Farmani

Farmani Naaz’s husband Imran further told that he has not met his son for the last 4 years. They are not even allowed to meet their child.

farmani naaz

Farmani Naaz has been in a lot of headlines for the past few days. Farmani Naaz had made a lot of headlines by singing Har Har Shambhu Bhajan. Her hymn became very viral on the internet. After which she got embroiled in controversies. farmani naaz There were reports that her husband had left her and she was raising a child alone. But now her husband’s reaction has also come on all these allegations. Fermani Naaz’s husband has also leveled allegations against her.

Farmani had made allegations

Let us tell you that earlier in an old media interview, Farmani Naaz had made many allegations against her husband. Farmani had alleged that her husband had remarried without divorcing her. Farmani had said that in the year 2018, a son was born to him. But due to the illness of the daughter, her in-laws left her. After which she got separated from her husband and till now she is raising her child alone. However, Imran has also reacted to his allegations. He said that all the allegations of Farmani Naaz are baseless. They are being deliberately shown wrong.

Now husband made revelations

Her husband has also reacted to these allegations of Farmani Naaz. Her husband Umran told that they were married in 2017. After a year and a half of marriage, a son was born in their house. Farmani Naaz happily went to her maternal home. I tried many times to bring Farmani but she did not come. They have made false allegations against me.

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Imran further told that he has not met his son for the last 4 years. They are not even allowed to meet the child. Imran tells that he has been circling the SSP office for 3 years but no one is listening to him. her husband claims farmani naaz She had said that she wants to become a singer. She wants to be a star. When she becomes a star, she will return home. But she didn’t return. Imran also said that he is ready to bring Farmani to his house even today.