When the storm passed, 80 feet long mysterious thing was found buried in the sand on the beach for 200 years!

Many a times, along with devastation, natural calamities also reveal some mysterious things. Something similar happened in America’s Florida when sand was found removed from the beach after a dangerous storm had passed. A mysterious object peeking out of the sand at Daytona Beach in Volusia County, Florida, has left locals in awe. Its length is said to be 80 feet. When the local officials were told about this, they were also surprised to see it. We tell you what has surprised people on the coast of Florida.

storm They bring great devastation with them and go on destroying the areas and coasts falling in their way. Recently, Florida was hit by Hurricane Nicole, which has exposed something that had been buried on the coast for almost 200 years. Its length is 80 feet. People were surprised to see such a big mysterious thing and immediately the local authorities were called. This thing peeping from the sand was surprising everyone. When the sand was removed and seen, it was found that its length is 80 feet and it is made of something like wood.

CBS News’s Report It is said that the found object is made of some metal, it looks like a girl but is not of wood. According to county officials, the mysterious object was previously buried under the sand but came to the fore after Hurricane Nicole devastated the beach in November. Some people are saying that it could be part of an old ship. While some people are calling it a piece of old coast or ghat. So far nothing has been known about it properly.

For this the archaeological team was called there. The team started removing the sand from above it. A trench was created by removing the sand around it, after which its shape began to emerge. The team measured and inspected it. According to which it is part of something from 1800 century. The team says that it may be part of a ship of that time. The officials of the Archaeological Department are saying study about it and trying to find out what is this mysterious thing.


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