Where is the Indian hockey team missing, why is it wasting many years of hard work in 15 minutes?

Indian hockey team missed out on victory against England in Commonwealth Games. Match draw 4-4. Know where did you go wrong in the last 15 minutes?

What mistakes did the hockey team make against England?

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Jaswinder Sidhu

It is said that if the beginning of any work is good then the end is also good. But the Indian men’s hockey team has been continuously challenging this old adage like it. running in birmingham Commonwealth Games Despite taking the lead against England, he ended the match in a draw. It was clearly visible that even after trying everything, she is not able to handle herself in the last minutes. She needs the help of experts to overcome this problem as she is giving away big medals due to weak grip from the match in the last moments and making mistakes in front of her goalpost. This has happened in the Tokyo Olympics and this year’s Asia Cup. After watching his 15-minute fourth quarter game against England, it can be said that the same could happen to him in the Commonwealth Games if the conditions are not under control.,

staggering habit

Team India had a 3-1 lead against England till the third quarter. But the match ended in a draw of 4-4. The team had to play the last part of the match with nine players as first Varun was taken out for 10 minutes due to second yellow card. After this, when India’s grip of the match was loosening in the last minutes, Gurjant Singh was punished for sitting out for 10 minutes for playing dangerously. How can mistakes like this happen at the most crucial juncture of a big tournament match, the team management will have to find the answer to the problem as this is not happening for the first time. The good thing though is that it was just a league match. The team has a chance to recover.

Tokyo Olympics big example

Of course, the credit of winning the bronze medal for the hockey team in the Tokyo Olympics cannot be ignored, but due to similar mistakes in it, the color of its medal changed. India were tied 2-2 in the semi-final against Belgium till the third quarter. It was even visible that the team has made its chances for gold or silver. But the defense was so scattered that Belgium turned the dice by scoring goals in the 49th, 53rd and 60th minutes. Two of these goals came from penalty corners. The win against Germany definitely got the bronze, but in that match too, the team faltered in the last minutes. The Indian team, which finished the third quarter with a lead of 5-3, gave Germany a penalty corner in the 48th minute and the match ended with 5-4.

Same happened in Asia Cup

Asia Cup was played in Jakarta this year. The Indian team was in front of Korea in its semi-final. By the 43rd minute, the Indians were leading 4-3. The match ended in a draw and India had to play Japan for the third place. India won the bronze medal 1-0. Despite taking the lead against Pakistan in the league match, a goal was scored against India in the 58th minute. The match ended in a draw.

It is necessary to avoid this tactic

In recent years it has been observed that India Penalty corners are being received in the last minutes against the against and their effect is clearly visible in the results of the match. Certainly some of the penalties have been due to the players present in Corner D but most of the teams are now adopting the technique of making penalty corners. In this, the attacker deliberately entangles the ball in the legs of the defender. The same tactic was adopted by the players of England as well. Now the question arises that the coach is either unable to explain this to his players or he has no idea what is happening to them!