Where is the lack left in Pathan? What is the specialty of the film? read big things before watching

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film has been released. The fans were waiting for the film for a long time. Let’s know because of which points the film should be seen and which are the points which can bore you.

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Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood Movie Release: bollywood king shahrukh khan movie Pathan The fans were waiting for a long time. The film has been released. Viewers are not able to stop their curiosity to watch it. Everyone is waiting to see the film soon. One thing can be said about the film that full entertainment has been seen in it with tremendous action. No film can be perfect in the world. In such a situation, let us know for what reasons the film should be seen and what are the reasons that can disturb your interest.

Why see-

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The way a predictable story has been presented in the film with new twists and turns is fantastic. In this movie, action and romance have been seen along with comedy. This spy film entertains you not only as an action packed movie but also with a tinge of comedy and romance.

It is already known about the film that it has been shot at very spectacular locations like Spain, Russia and Afghanistan. These scenes of the film have proved to be a good feel factor. The dialogues of the film are very catchy, they can become very viral in the coming days. Its perfect casting and the acting of the character John, Deepika and Ashutosh Rana is superb.

Why not watch

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By the way, there is no reason not to see this film made on the backdrop of patriotism on the occasion of Republic Day. But still the film becomes quite predictable at some places. For example, scenes like love and betrayal from Pakistani agent have been shown many times before. On the one hand, there are a lot of songs in Bollywood films, on the other hand, there are only two songs in this film and they are not so impressive. Let us tell you that the film first came in the limelight because of the songs and protests were witnessed. Some of the weapons and gadgets shown in the film are far from reality. It can be said that toys have been introduced in reality.