Which job has the highest demand in the market? This job is not related to IT field

This job is most in demand in companies located in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The thing to note here is that this job is not related to IT sector.

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Do you know which job is most in demand in the world at present? People are feeling that the most demanding job at this time is that of truck driver and nurse. Even if this thing is true somewhere. But at this time the most demanding job is that of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), because many companies are running without CFO. The demand for CFOs in companies based in Europe, Middle East and Africa has tripled compared to last year. We are not saying this, but this information has been given by the executive search firm Spencer Stuart.

Due to inflation and rising interest rates, companies are facing shortage of money. Because of this, companies are looking for such CFOs, who can get them out of this problem. Chris Gaunt, Europe’s financial officer at Spencer Stuart, said: ‘The Covid pandemic has shown a lot of CEOs that their CFOs are basically technicians, not crisis leaders.’ Because of this, now companies are looking for such a person, who can look after their financial affairs properly.

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Lack of CFO in the market

According to Rebecca Moreland, co-head of the global financial officer practice at search firm Korn Ferry, a good chief financial officer is a rarity in the market. The average age of people working as CFO in UK companies is 52 years. In such a situation, there are very few people who have ever faced this kind of recession.

Moreland said, ‘CFOs are no longer just working to run the finance organization, but are playing the role of deputy CEO. In many cases, he plays the role of Chief Transformation Officer. This is very challenging.

CFO work increased in epidemic

In fact, earlier it was seen that there was a demand for low profit CFOs as well. But now such CFOs are not given a place in the boardroom. During the pandemic, CFOs of different companies had to raise billions of dollars to keep the company running. At the same time, he also had to take some difficult decisions, which included firing employees. The budget was reduced and there was a need to run companies by taking loans from banks. In such a situation, there is now a search for such a CFO, who can get the company out of such situations.