Which ministry should Salman Khan get? Funny answers given by people on cabinet expansion

Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi expanded his cabinet. In this, he gave place to many new faces. So some were even said goodbye. Yesterday this news also became the biggest news of the country. Yesterday was a big day of news with the news of Dilip Kumar’s death, so some news could not make such a big trend. One of these was the news of the tug of war on Salman Khan by his fans and trolls.

With the expansion of the Modi cabinet, some mischievous people started jokingly asking that if Salman Khan is made a minister, which ministry should he get? In response to this, the game of fans and haters started. Fans said that Salman Khan is big hearted and is always ahead in helping people. Therefore, he should be made social welfare minister. Someone even recommended giving him the Ministry of External Affairs.

Which ministry to Salman?

The same can be expected from these fans because this is Salman’s army. Some people bothered to show more than these fans and they started making memes on the brother. Of which the most liked meme was this. In which it has been enjoyed that Salman should be given the Ministry of Road Transport because he has good experience in this.

see me here

Salman Khan Meme

meme on salman khan

Salman Khan Meme (1)

salman khan second meme

In which Salman Khan’s old ‘Car’ name was enjoyed. The scandal outside the American Bakery of Salman Khan, for which he had to make rounds of the police and court for many years. It was alleged that he had parked his car on the pavement outside the American Bakery in Bandra, Mumbai, due to which a man sleeping there was killed. Four were injured.

In Salman’s life it is known as hit and run case. However, Salman Khan was later acquitted by the Bombay High Court. So his fans also celebrated in this tremendous way.

Supporters also came down


The interesting thing is that as many people want Salman Khan as his critics. Fans post daily in praise of Salman Khan, while some even manage to make headlines by posting against him. But Salman Khan has now risen above such criticisms. He doesn’t react to such things anymore. Maybe now they too would have laughed after seeing such mimes.

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