Which people have the best immune system? The answer is related to the face, revealed in the study of blood test

For the study, scientists took pictures of 152 women and men without make-up and normal expressions. After this an online survey was conducted with 492 people.

People standing with masks on (AFP)

Beauty cannot be measured on the basis of skin color only. That’s why America (US) because in blood samples (blood test) A shocking revelation has been revealed in a study. It has been told in this study that people who look beautiful to see have a better immune system. Traditionally, a person has to have certain qualities to be attracted to him. These qualities also include the shape of the face and the brightening of the eyes. It has been said in the study that this can be a symptom that the body of such people can fight the infection better.

Researchers believe that this is because our mind is always looking for a healthy life partner. Samar Mengelkoch, who led the study at Texas Christian University, said people who go to a bar to talk to an attractive person are often undervalued by being called goofy. Such people are told that not everything has to be attractive. Mengelkoch said that people looking for a really attractive person are always looking for a healthy and attractive partner, because their mind is saying so. This study has been done on 152 women and men.

What came out in the study?

For the study, scientists took pictures of 152 women and men without make-up and normal expressions. After this, an online survey was conducted with 492 people, in which they were asked to rate these people on the basis of their attractiveness. It was then discovered that the most handsome men and the most beautiful women were found to have higher rates of phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the process by which white blood cells eat and destroy bacteria before they make someone sick. Men, considered more attractive by women, have more dominant cells, which can destroy infected cells.

After this study it has been said that if this is happening, then attracted people can get more help in fighting the coronavirus. It has long been suggested that good looking people are healthier. People with curvy faces are less likely to have developmental problems in the womb or during childhood. Some experts suggest that clear skin and bright, wide eyes indicate good health. On the other hand, the eyes of sick people darken. The importance of red lips and rosy cheeks can thus explain why women wear makeup.

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