Who is the country’s first woman IAS officer, to whom the interview board said – don’t join civil service

UPSC Success Story: Do you know who was the first woman in India, who cracked the world’s most difficult exam UPSC and became an IAS officer. Let us introduce you to him today.

Anna Rajam Malhotra

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UPSC Exam: Whenever it comes to the tough exam of the world, then UPSC exam is definitely mentioned. How difficult is it to crack this three level exam. This can be gauged from the fact that every year lakhs of candidates appear in the exam. But the selection is only for a few hundred people. However, there are still some people who UPSC Exam They even crack it in the very first attempt.

Satyendra Nath Tagore was the first Indian man to clear the UPSC exam, but do you know who was the first Indian woman to clear the UPSC exam? Actually, his name is Anna Rajam Malhotra. Let us tell you about the country’s first woman IAS officer today.

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Who is Anna Rajam Malhotra?

Anna Rajam was the first Indian woman to pass the UPSC exam. After India’s independence in 1947, she was appointed as the country’s first woman officer. He served under the then CM C Rajagopalachari in Madras (present-day Chennai) from 1951 to 2018. Malhotra’s career has been long and successful. He worked on many projects in his career. He also worked in the special team for the 1982 Asian Games.

If we talk about his UPSC journey, then in 1951, at the age of 27, he cracked the civil service exam. After this he was called for the interview. The interview panel advised him to join Foreign Service or Central Service. The reason behind this was that this service was considered better for women. However, he refused to do so and preferred to work by joining the land. In this way she joined the Madras cadre of civil service.

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The matter of leaving the job written on the appointment letter

What happened in the interview was just the initial difficulties in the life of Anna Rajam Malhotra. He had to face many problems ahead. It was also written in his appointment letter that after marriage he would have to leave his service. However, later this rule was changed. On the other hand, the then CM C Rajagopalachari was also hesitant to nominate him as the District Sub-Collector. Rajagopalachari felt that women should not work in civil service.

However, they worked shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts during their service. He achieved success at every step through his hard work, skill and knowledge. Anna Rajam Malhotra later became the first woman District Sub-Collector of Hosur district. Later he also served as the Executive Director for India at the International Monetary Fund in Washington.