Who was that person, whose Riyaz had become a fan of Mahmud and made him a musician?

Mehmood’s dialogues and his songs are popular even today. From Bombay to Goa to Padosan, Mehmood did his brilliant performance in one to one hit films. Know some interesting things related to him on his birth anniversary…

Today is the 90th birth anniversary of Mahmud.

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We are black toh kya hua dilwale hai…, Make up with a clever slogan… There are many such songs, the face that comes to the fore after listening to it is that of Mahmud. Mehmood was not only an actor, he was also a successful director and producer, who also had a good knowledge of music. today 90th birth anniversary of Mahmud Is. Mehmood started working as a child artist. In his career spanning four decades, Mehmood acted in more than 300 films. He was considered one of the best comedians of the film industry.

Mehmood had achieved a different position in Hindi cinema after many struggles, but the credit of giving recognition to many people in the cinematic world also goes to Mehmood. There has been a veteran musician of cinema, whom Mahmud played an important role in bringing everyone. The anecdote related to Mahmud and this musician is quite interesting.

Mehmood gave this musician the first break

This is the year 1961. Director SA Akbar was making a film named Chhote Nawab. The film featured actors like Mehmood, Johnnie Walker and Helen in the lead roles. Mehmood was not only the actor of this film, but at the same time he was also producing this film. Mehmood wanted music from veteran composer SD Burm for his film. But Burman Dada had problems with dates at that time, so he refused to compose the music of this film.

When Mehmood went to his house to sign SD Burman. Then after his refusal, Mahmud was leaving the house. On the same day, Mehmood’s eyes fell on SD Burman’s son RD Burman, who was doing Riyaz at that time. Seeing Chhote Burman Saheb doing Riyaz, Mahmud became his admirer. Mehmood immediately signed RD Burman for the music of this film. This was the first film of RD Burman as a music director. Earlier, RD had done a lot of work as an assistant to his father SD Burman, but he was going to give music for a film independently for the first time.

This song of Mehmood is popular even after 58 years

Hindi cinema The dialogues and songs of the veteran Mehmood are popular even today. He has one such 58-year-old song, which many people are interested in listening to. Let’s share the story related to this song with you. A film was released in the year 1964. The name is Saanjh and Savera, which was made by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Guru Dutt, Meena Kumari and Mehmood were in the lead roles. Let us tell you this film was Guru Dutt’s last film. It had music by Shankarlal Jaikishan. There was a song in the film which was filmed on Mehmood and this song became a huge hit.

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Actually, the demand of the film was that the song should be shot theatrically. Both Mahmud and Natak are made for each other. Only Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Shankar Jaikishan could have done this that they worked on this song in a serious way instead of a light composition. This specialty of the song is making it popular even today. 58 years have passed since the song, but it can still be heard by budding artists singing it in reality shows. This is a classical song, which was composed by Suman Kalyanpur and Mohammad Rafi with great melody. That was a wonderful song – Azhun Na Aaye Balma.