Whom Mohammed Shami told better than himself, Mumbai Indians did not appreciate him, is now the apple of LSG’s eye

Mohammed Shami is counted among the best bowlers of the present times. (IPL Photo)

This bowler spent three years with Mumbai Indians but the team did not give him a chance and then this bowler reached the new team of IPL 2022, Lucknow Super Giants. Where this bowler is creating chaos.

Mohammed Shami (Mohammed Shami) He is counted among the great bowlers of the present time. He has the power to trouble the batsmen with his balls in all three formats of the game. His swing and accurate line length can trouble any batsman and this is the reason why he is the main bowler of Team India in today’s time. But there is one bowler whom Shami described as better than himself. This bowler is Mohsin Khan. Mohsin’s name is currently in discussion because he played IPL-2022. (IPL 2022) On Sunday, he took the wickets of the legendary batsmen of Delhi Capitals and gave victory to Lucknow Super Giants. Mohsin (Mohsin Khan)Lucknow defeated Delhi by six runs on the basis of four wickets.

Mohison’s coach’s name is Badruddin Siddiq. Badruddin is not only Mohsin’s coach but also Mohammed Shami’s coach. His coach told the English newspaper The Indian Express that he was upset when he was with Mumbai Indians for three years and was not getting a chance to play. In such a situation, the coach encouraged him and asked Zaheer Khan to learn by talking to Lasith Malinga continuously.

coach said don’t be mad

When Mohsin was in the Mumbai team, he told the coach that he was very upset. The newspaper quoted Badruddin as saying, “He told me that ‘Sir these people are not feeding me, I am upset’. I told him not to be mad and keep talking to Zaheer Khan, Lasith Malinga continuously. Read his mind and you will become a better bowler.”

Shami told that better than himself

The coach told that during the lockdown, Mohsin got a chance to spend time with Shami. He learned the tricks of bowling from him at Shami’s farm house. The coach said, “Shami told me that Mohsin is a better bowler than him, he just needs to focus. I called him during the lockdown and told him to do as much as Shami’s mind can squeeze.

Mohsin made his debut against Gujarat Titans but could not take wickets. After this he came against his old team Mumbai Indians and was successful in taking a wicket. He took three wickets in the next match against Punjab Kings. After this, Delhi was blown up.