Whose hand is behind Kapil Sharma’s creativity? Revealed in Kareena Kapoor’s show

Kapil in What Women Want: Recently Kapil Sharma reached Kareena Kapoor’s talk show, where he talked about his daughter. Kareena Kapoor spoke openly to Kapil on many topics in the show, you will also enjoy hearing the answer.

Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma In Kareena Kapoor Show: comendi king Kapil Sharma He is in the limelight for his recently released film Zwigato. Kapil, who is known for his perfect comedy skills, recently appeared on Kareena Kapoor’s talk show What Women Want. Where he talked many things about his two children Anayara and Trishan. The comedian told who is behind his creativity?

Kareena Kapoor’s show What Women Want is very popular among people. Kapil Sharma, who came on the show, talked about everything from his career to his family. On a question of Kareena, Kapil Sharma told about daughter Anayara that she asks a lot of questions. His questions only help in increasing Kapil’s creativity. His daughter’s questions only enhance Kapil’s creative skills.

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The promo of this show is also becoming quite viral. Talking further in the show, Kapil told that sometimes it happens that he gets stuck on the questions asked by Anayara. Then they learn to make up concoctions.

Sharing an anecdote, he told Kareena that once Anayara questioned him about a leopard that came to Film City. Kapil had no information about this. On this, he narrated the story to the daughter from his heart.

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When he was telling this to his wife Ginni, Anayara overheard it. Then she started questioning what happened after this? Where did he go? He further told Kareena that he had never seen that animal in his life till date, so what would he have told about it. So he narrated a false story to Anayara, which further increased her creativity level.