Why did Bhojpuri star Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’ tell actress Raksha Gupta ‘Paan Lagelu of Banaras’? Users are asking them questions

Arvind Akela Kallu and Raksha Gupta

Image Credit source: Instagram

People like the songs and films of Bhojpuri’s famous actor Arvind Akela alias Kallu very much. He currently has 1 million followers on Instagram.

Arvind Akela alias Kallu, star actor of Bhojpuri cinema ,Arvind Akela Kallu, Often seen active on social media. Not only does he share many of his pictures, but he also keeps sharing some funny videos on his Instagram account. Recently, Kallu has shared another video of her on Instagram, in which she is seen with her co-star Raksha Gupta. (Raksha Gupta) He is seen lipping on a song with. This song has also been sung by Kallu himself. In this song, he is seen calling Raksha Gupta as Banarasi Paan. Seeing this video, people are also commenting a lot.

Kallu told Raksha Gupta ‘Paan Lagelu of Banaras’

Sharing this video on his Instagram account, Arvind Akela aka Kallu wrote, ‘Paan Lagelu of Banaras’. Along with this, he has tagged this video with Raksha Gupta. It is seen in this video that Kallu is singing this song and actress Raksha Gupta sitting behind him is seen acting while sitting with him. She is winning everyone’s heart with her expression. While Kallu is also seen enjoying while singing the song. Raksha Gupta is looking very beautiful in this song.

Watch Kallu’s latest video here-

Many people gave reaction on this video

On this video of Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’, people are seen giving a lot of reactions. On this latest video of Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’, Bhojpuri actress Pakhi Hegde has shared a heart emoji and liked the video, while Richa Dixit has termed the pair of Kallu and Raksha as a good pair. At the same time, a user has asked a question related to marriage to Kallu and Raksha, in which he has written that, ‘When will both of you get married.’ Neither of them has given any response to this question. This video has got around 13 thousand likes so far.

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The video has got close to 13 thousand likes

For your information, let us tell you that people like the songs and films of Arvind Akela alias Kallu very much. He currently has 1 million followers on Instagram. At the same time, he is following only 78 people. Apart from this video, Kallu has also shared another picture with Raksha Gupta in which both are seen standing together. Raksha Gupta is holding a phone in her hands as if she is taking a picture of herself and Kallu and Kallu is seen behind her in a black T-shirt and denim jeans. While Raksha Gupta has carried black skin fit jeans with a black T-shirt.