Why did James Cameron come up with the story of ‘Avatar 2’ after 13 years? The film was thrown in the garbage

Director James Cameron reveals that it took him at least 13 years to come up with the story of ‘Avatar 2’. He threw the entire script in the garbage.

Avatar 2

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Hollywood director James Cameron’s much awaited film ‘Avatar 2’ is going to be released on 16 December this year. The first part of this film was released on this day i.e. 23 September and now James Cameron’s film ‘Avatar 2’ It is going to be released in theaters after 13 years. The full name of this movie is ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. James Cameron has informed in a recent interview that after writing the story of the second part of this film, he threw it in the garbage.

James Cameron threw the story of ‘Avatar 2’ in the garbage

James Cameron told that it took him a year to write the story of ‘Avatar 2’ but still he was not happy with that story and that was the reason why he threw it in the garbage. Revealing this, James told that its entire story was written, after which it was thrown in the garbage.

Worked on the film for a year with the writers

James Cameron told that, ‘When I sat down with my writers to write the story of its second part, I told everyone that before starting work on the second part, we have to crack this code that its first part is so much. Why was it good?’ He told that after this it turned out to be a conclusion that all the films work at different levels. The first surface, which has the problem and the resolution. The second thematic is what does that film want after all?

‘Avatar 2’ made after a lot of research

He further said that, ‘I wrote the entire script for its sequel, read it and after reading it I realized that it does not reach level three.’ However, now this film is completely ready for release. How much people will like the story of the film, it will be known only after the release of the film.

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Writers were giving new ideas for the second part

In an event last year, James Cameron, while talking on its third level, said that the film had become the highest-grossing film worldwide. He said, ‘When I sat down to work on the sequel of this film, I told my writers that I do not want to hear any new idea or new idea. Until it is completely clear that what we did in the first part, what we added and why. But he wanted to talk about new stories. After that I told him that we cannot do this. I told everyone that we need to understand what was his connection, which protected him.