Why did the CBSE Board warn the schools? After all, what is the matter, know

CBSE Board: A notice has been issued by the CBSE Board. In this, schools have been warned regarding the academic session. They have been told when to start the academic session.

CBSE Board issued notice (indicative picture)

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CBSE Notice: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notice for all the affiliated schools. In this, they have been urged to start the academic session from April 1 and not before. CBSE has asked the school heads to ‘strictly follow’ the academic session from April 1 to March 31. On behalf of the board, he has been advised to refrain from starting the session before 1 April.

The CBSE board notice said that many schools start the academic year early to adjust the coursework. It said, ‘It has been seen that some recognized schools have started their academic year at the beginning of the year itself. Schools trying to complete the whole year’s course in a short time frame is risky for the students, as they may come under pressure. Apart from this, students may face difficulty in learning, due to which there may be anxiety and fatigue.

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What else was said in the notice?

The board further said that it does not give enough time to the students for extracurricular activities like life skills, value education, health and physical education, work education and community service. The board insisted that all these things are also very important along with studies.

“Hence, the principals of the schools and heads of the institutions affiliated to the board are advised to refrain from starting the academic session before the end of the year,” the notice said. They should strictly follow the running of the academic session from 1st April to 31st March.

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CBSE is currently conducting board exams for class 10th and 12th. The board exam started from 15 February. The class 10 board exams will end on March 21, while the class 12 exams are scheduled to continue till April 5.