Why did the Cuban Missile Crisis come to mind? Putin made CUBA 2.0 to surround America

Russia has made Plan Cuba 2.0 to entangle America. In this plan, apart from Russia, three more friendly countries China, Iran and Cuba are included.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (File)

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America And NATO aid from western countries including ukraine Strongly countering the Russian forces. And now Russia has to return the won Ukrainian territories as well. Kherson is the latest example of this. Now Russian President Vladimir Putin has prepared a new plan. Russia said that now America will have to bow down in this war. for which Putin Cuba 2.O (CUBA 2.0) plan has been prepared, due to which two new war fronts have opened.

This plan made with old friendly country like Cuba and new friendly country like Iran has now been made by Putin to trouble America on every front of the world. There are four players in this plan. This is Russia China, Iran and Cuba. These countries have openly supported Russia during the war. Weapons from Iran are also reaching Russia. Now understand what is the strategy of these four players. How will this country open its front against America?

President Vladimir Putin’s PlanCuba 2.O

First understand Russia’s strategy, Russia has planned to confuse America Cuba 2.0 has made. The President of Cuba is on a tour of Russia, which has increased the tension of America. Let us tell you that Cuba has been an old partner of Russia. What Cuba is doing, the President of Cuba is increasing closeness with China. He is going on a tour of China from 24th November. On another front, Iran has launched missile attacks on Kurds in Iraq. A new war front has opened here due to which America is worried. China is on the third front..The proximity of China and Cuba means the strengthening of America’s two enemies on Cuban soil. And in the center of these three is Russia which is the fourth pillar of this plan.

Where there is a possibility of attack

The threat of an Iranian attack on US military bases in the Middle East has increased. America has received intelligence input that Iran can conduct a major operation against America in Iraq and Syria. Lt. of the American Air Force in the Middle East. Gen. Alexus Grinkevich had predicted attacks in August 2022 itself. At that time Grinkevich had said that information has been received that Iran will attack military bases in the coming days.

On the other hand, after the Corona epidemic, the economic condition in Cuba has worsened. The infrastructure has been destroyed on a large scale by Ian Hurricane in September. Energy crisis has arisen in the country. Cuba has received help from Russia. Now the President of Cuba will seek financial help from China. Along with this, you can also ask for a discount on the old loan. Taking loan from China means handing over your land to China. Intelligence input is that China is also preparing to build its military base in Cuba. The coming together of Russia and China in Cuba is an alliance of two big enemies of America.

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CUBA 2.0 recalls the Cuban Missile Crisis

year 1962 It was the time of and countries called the two poles of the world America And then organized Russia i.e. USSR almost stood at the mouth of nuclear attack, In the year 1962, when the Cold War was at its peak, Russia had deployed its nuclear weapons in Cuba under the nose of America. After which the then US President John F. Kennedy imposed a military blockade of Cuba and brought the Soviet Union (USSR) to the negotiating table. This incident is called the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now history is repeating itself again. Amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, plans to surround America like during the Cold War Cuba 2.0 The Cuban Missile Crisis has once again come into the limelight.