Why do some people get sick from the corona virus? Scientists find out the reason

Some people infected with the Coronavirus Pandemic show mild symptoms and recover quickly, but many people become more affected by it. So in such a situation, a question arises that why some people are more affected by the corona virus? Now scientists have also found the answer to this question. Scientists say that this is due to the sequencing of DNA. It has also been learned from this that corona also increases the risk of many other diseases. This method is 1000 times more effective than the current technology.

In this way scientists get to know the relationship between different parts of DNA. This reveals the DNA fibers that are located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the nearest millimetre (DNA Identification). For example, if the size of a DNA is equal to that of a brick, then there will be about 6 billion bricks in a cell. Scientists can now find out which bricks are closer to each other and how they form structures inside cells. This gives many types of information.

Genetic variants are the big reason

James Davis, an MRC clinician scientist who led the research and associate professor at the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, said, “This technique provides information about the effects on the human body. For example, what we know is that there is a genetic variant, which doubles the risk of being seriously affected by Kovid-19. However, we do not know how genetic variants affect people more than Kovid-19. This will now help us to know how they affect someone more than Kovid and what is the role of genes in them.

report may come soon

The professor further said that now the team is working on the technology from which information about genetic identity will be collected. It is expected that its results will also come out in the coming weeks. The technology has been licensed from Oxford University’s spinout company Nucleome Therapeutics. Which is funded by Oxford Sciences Innovation. The company is working to use these 3D genome approaches to identify new drugs to identify how variations in the genetic code lead to common diseases such as multiple cirrhosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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